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Last Update Sunday, November 18th, 2018
Guy Young lost his wife and children 40 years ago Sunday in the 1978 Jonestown Massacre. He holds a book with the photographs and ages of each of the victims including his wife, Christine (middle row far right on right side page) and Mona, his adopted daughter (bottom row on right side page). Young was a pastor at the Peoples Temple in San Francisco at the time of the tragedy.

Forty years ago Sunday, more than 900 Americans living in a commune in the South American country of Guyana committed suicide or were murdered at the behest of their leader, the Rev. Jim Jones.

In the United States, members of the Peoples Temple, the church Jones led, were as surprised and horrified as the rest of the world, says Guy Young of Grants Pass, who served as a pastor for Jones at the church for six years. Read More »

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