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Last Update Sunday, January 20th, 2019

CAVE JUNCTION — Oregon State Police announced Friday that a deadly house fire at 150 E. River St. is under investigation as an arson.

In a press release, the agency said a male was seen throwing a lit flare at the residence. A 65-year-old man identified as the homeowner, Donald Thomas, was later found dead in the wreckage.

The attack may not have been an isolated case. Read More »

County to discuss BLM land transfers
The week ahead for the Josephine County Board of Commissioners includes a discussion Thursday about possible land transfers to the county from the Bureau of Land Management. Read More »

Phony FBI agents scam strikes again (Don't Fall For This)
Two weeks with two straight iterations of the same scam. That should perk your ears up. Read More »

Man charged with robbery from 2016 shooting
A suspected gang member from the Los Angeles area once accused of murder in the 2016 death of a marijuana grower in the Illinois Valley has been rearrested in the case, this time on robbery charges. Read More »

City to vote on Dollar Mountain purchase
The Grants Pass City Council will meet on Tuesday to vote on the purchase of Dollar Mountain. That will come during a special meeting to be held after the council's regular weekly workshop. Read More »

Kelly's Auto offering windshield wipers for peanut butter
Kelly's Automotive Service offices in both Grants Pass and Medford are offering a bargain on new windshield wipers to improve safety in winter driving, while at the same time helping the Josephine County Food Bank and Access Food Share in Jackson County. Read More »

Historic headlines
We've chosen historic local headlines from the Courier to highlight for the coming week: Read More »

The Daily Courier publishes a listing of upcoming special classes every weekend. To have a class listed, contact Kathleen Alaks, 541-474-3815 or Read More »

Fire calls
Grants Pass Fire and Rescue Read More »

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