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Last Update Sunday, March 26th, 2017

FORT VANNOY — The second graders sat in groups of four or five, marveling over small, spherical robots called spheros. Coding was never more fun.

"We're learning how to program a sphero robot, learning how to make a square, or how to move a certain distance and end up in a certain location," explained Rob Saunders, technology supervisor and innovation specialist for the Three Rivers School District. Read More »

Travel Southern Oregon welcomes new leader
By Greg Stiles of the Medford Mail Tribune Read More »

Girl heroes help lead Oregon State Police to the 'bad guy'
MURPHY — A couple of girl heroes helped lead Oregon State Police troopers to the bad guy early Thursday. Read More »

Puppets, pans, robots all part of new Library of Things
Cameron Horvatich, 6, and his sister Maia, 8, are having a long look at a puppet with stuffed animals in a display case at the library as they wait to check out their books. Read More »

Keep an eye out for tax scams (Don't fall for this!)
The tax deadline is April 18. After you're done panicking because you haven't filed yet, check out these tips to avoid common scams from the Oregon Department of Revenue: Read More »

Chickens are not the cowards they are made out to be (Readers Write)
If you had known my two banties, you would never call anyone "chicken" again. Many years ago, when I lived on Ausland Drive, a friend gave me a pair of banties, Lady Guinevere and Sir Lancelot. Lady Guinevere (I just call her Gwen) was a sweet fluffy-feathered white little lady. I think her breed is called "French Silkie." Once she hid a clutch of five eggs from me. I didn't know she was "expecting," until one day when she proudly marched her fluffy brood out in my horse pasture to grub with them for worms and bugs. Read More »

Fire destroys mobile home near Jerome Prairie
This is what's left of a vacant mobile home and carport that burned Friday night in the Jerome Prairie area. The blaze was reported at 8:36 p.m. in the 1900 block of Sleepy Hollow Loop.  Read More »

Eagle found dead, talons cut off
Oregon State Police reported on Friday that someone killed a bald eagle and dumped it in the Winchuck River near Brookings. In a news release, OSP stated that the eagle's talons had been cut off and illegally taken — permits are required by law.  Read More »

Local Boys & Girls Club hosting open house during spring break
The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Rogue Valley will host an open house next week, the same week as spring break for all the local schools. Read More »

Studded tires need to come off as winter ends and spring begins
Oregon drivers with studded tires have less than a week to remove them, the state Department of Transportation reminded. Read More »

Next round of foster parent training is April 4 Read More »

The Daily Courier publishes a listing of upcoming special classes every weekend. To have a class listed, contact Kathleen Alaks, 541-474-3815 or Read More »

Fire calls
Grants Pass Fire and Rescue  Read More »

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