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Last Update Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Lest we forget the longtime mandate of the state Teacher Standards and Practices Commission: Thou shalt "advocate," "believe" and "embrace" our standards of cultural competence if you wish to teach in the state of Oregon. This commandment emerged from the Summit on Cultural Competency attended by more than 100 of "the state's leaders in education" on May 19, 2004, sponsored by the TSPC and the state Department of Education. Read More »

Attack this scourge now; start with assault rifles
It's guns! It's mental illness! It's toxic masculinity! It's the failure of parenting! It's hard to keep up on this moving target (pun intended). NRA-purchased congressmen and self-righteous, Second Amendment-guarding, militia-prone gun owners are busy this week blaming mass shootings on others responsible for the social condition that precipitate gun violence, not on guns themselves.  Read More »

Place guards at every school building entrance
The United States has enough gun laws on the books to supply the whole world. A complete disregard for the law, along with mental health, are the biggest problems. People with mental health problems who cannot buy a gun lawfully can buy one in any dark alley in any of our big cities any day of the week. All of the laws in the world will not stop this tragedy. Read More »

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