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Last Update Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Almost daily we see in the police reports that guns are being stolen from cars and homes. There needs to be something put in to place to stop the endless supply of guns to the criminal element in our community.

Just locking your car or home is obviously not enough safety to keep these guns out of criminals' hands. Each gun stolen increases the likelihood they will be used to rob, intimidate or, God forbid, kill an innocent citizen. Read More »

Gravel mine proposal hurting property owners
Sunny Valley Sand and Gravel continues its negative impact on our beautiful "rural residential" Sunny Valley. We have lived here for 14 years. We decided to move closer to family in Idaho, as we are getting older. We listed our 5-acre property with a real estate agent on Feb. 24 and have had numerous potential buyers. Read More »

Local citizens just can't afford any more taxes
The Voters' Pamphlet has arrived explaining, among other things, four tax levy proposals — one a continuation of an existing tax and three new taxes. There has been quite a bit of news explaining the need for more taxes but I haven't seen any explanation of why only property owners are going to pay. Neither have I seen an explanation how retirees, such as myself, will be able to "come-up with" the extra money. Read More »

It's not right that burn days polluting air for all
I wrote this letter on April 12. I called the Burn Line at 541-476-9663 this day and, as usual, open burning was allowed. This ignorant, careless, selfish, lazy, behavior is allowed on nearly all days from mid-October until about mid-April each year in Josephine County. This burning causes suffering for many residents as well as for all living creatures and affects everyone. Breathing clean air should be a basic right! Our air is poisonous on many days. Read More »

Libraries serve a big need in the community
Our libraries do so many good things to support the people here in our hometown. On any given day, you can find a unemployed father using the Internet to look for work so he can feed his family. You can also find toddlers gathering together to sing and read for the very first time. Read More »

Sales tax not welcome in Southern Oregon
This is in response to the letter "Sales tax only way that everyone pays fair share," published on April 12. Read More »

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