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Last Update Sunday, July 12th, 2020

Now that wearing a mask in all public places has become mandatory statewide, we need to make some changes with regard to enforcement of the order. I suspect we will all be wearing masks for at least another year or so, until a vaccine has been developed and enough people have been inoculated to develop a herd immunity. Read More »

Protect our 'Climate' sign from future meddling
I have to take a moment to commend Scott Stoddard on his July 10 front-page article commemorating the "It's the Climate" sign. This is the most well-laid-out, historically interesting article I have ever had the pleasure of reading regarding our unique sign. The "Live Rogue" coup de grace was especially appreciated; well done on the well-placed zing.  Read More »

Limit data to show only active COVID-19 cases
I am a concerned local resident in my middle 80s, so I am taking this pandemic very seriously. Reading my Daily Courier on the Fourth of July, I was inspired by your article about COVID-19 data in Josephine County to offer these comments. We spiked from 26 cases in June to 49 cases as of July 2. Of those, 22 are active cases, one has sadly passed away some time ago, but 26 patients have fully recovered. When did they recover? Their chance of reinfection has been, according to the experts, nearly ruled out. So why are they still counted? Reported cases should include only active cases and the number of fatalities to give us a more accurate picture, because we will never know if the majority of the fatalities died from the virus or with the virus. Read More »

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