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Last Update Friday, June 15th, 2018

We at the Growers' Market don't hate dogs. As a matter of fact, most of us have dogs. We don't bring them to the market because they are pets, not service dogs. Read More »

City's claim of ignorance looks a lot like favoritism
Do insider big boys in GP get a wink, a nod and a City Hall rubber stamp when they submit their construction plans? Sure sounds that way to me. Three times in the last couple of months there have been Daily Courier articles about confusion surrounding an open fire pit near a gas pump and industrial fuel tank on the Lodge at Riverside motel property. Read More »

Trumpism is superior to the name-calling left
For heaven's sake, Trump Derangement Syndrome has arrived at the Daily Courier. It appears even editor Stoddard feels he must sound the alarm that Trumpism is not the same as conservatism. In the words of our recent candidate that was thwarted from breaking the legendary glass ceiling: What difference does it make?! Read More »

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