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Last Update Sunday, April 5th, 2020

Our appreciation for the Daily Courier grew tremendously during the Taylor Creek Fire. The paper's award-winning coverage provided timely, useful information. We subscribed after having long bought individual copies.

Watching a smaller paper like the Courier survive tough times for media has been impressive and inspiring. Having a locally owned paper is now more important than ever. Read More »

DeYoung, Morgan put their ignorance on display
In 2017, Josephine County Commissioner Dan DeYoung equated homeless people with dog excrement. Yep, he did — regarding the folks that congregate at the bus stop near the courthouse, he said, "This is dog doo on our welcome mat."  Read More »

Local coronavirus testing is woefully inadequate
We need a lot more coronavirus testing, and we need it now. The amount of testing being done in Grants Pass and the state is woefully inadequate. Read More »

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