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Last Update Thursday, January 19th, 2017

With the Republican Congress bent on depriving 22 million Americans of medical insurance, this is a great time to provide our own, totally free and totally effective health insurance — a plant-based diet. Read More »

Jobs along the border
In a recent letter, John Kliegl suggested that we would be better off with more factories in Mexico ("More jobs in Mexico would be a great thing," Jan. 11). He wrote that more factories would mean more jobs, thereby eliminating the need for a wall. Read More »

Boycott without merit
I have been reading and listening to the news about how many Democrats are going to boycott President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration because: Either they did not believe the outcome of the election or they did not feel the election reflected a free, fair and open democratic process. Give me a break. If the Republicans had done the same thing to President Obama's first or second inauguration we would have been called racist. But instead, we waited and now have a Republican president entering office. To all the naysayers: We had to live with your choice for eight years, now settle down and see if the next four years improve America. If it does improve, you owe an apology to us and America. Read More »

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