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Last Update Friday, September 25th, 2020

I can severely remember that the nerve endings on my posterior connected to my brain's pain center rather quickly, especially when a paddle was applied, due to my not doing as I was told. Unfortunately, that connection has been severely hampered by attorneys eager to fill their wallet with other people's cash. Read More »

Errors by city staff and City Council are piling up
Thank you, Daily Courier, for keeping us up to date on city actions. As you kindly point out, The city council-city manager system continually disappoints and raises our fees and taxes. Read More »

Abortion is a woman's decision, not yours
This is the major question: Who has had an abortion? Not why, not when, not where. Read More »

Common signs of fascism sure do sound familiar
Laurence W. Britt wrote about the common signs of fascism in April 2003 after researching seven fascist regimes, including Adolf Hitler's Germany.  Read More »

GP's City Council could use someone like Pell
Rob Pell will be a wonderful addition to the City Council. As a small-business owner in downtown Grants Pass, he is intimately familiar with many issues facing the city. He always does his due diligence and will be an excellent steward for the limited taxpayer funds. Read More »

Those who honorably served are not losers
Dear occupant of the people's White House: Read More »

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