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Last Update Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Two articles on Aug. 21 caught my attention.

The first is the story of the cost overruns on Highland Elementary, a few blocks from where I live. What public works project doesn't run into extra costs? The game is to find some excuse to do additional work with the clock ticking. Then the powers that be will instantly spend more money since the students are being held for ransom under the threat of delaying the start of the school year. Read More »

Caring hearts can make difference with homeless
Winter is coming! Last winter, as a volunteer chaplain at our hospital, I visited with many homeless patients suffering from extreme cold. Read More »

Columnist doesn't have 1% of Trump's acumen
It's hard to believe the Daily Courier would put an opinion column in the paper by Catherine Rampell (Aug. 20). Read More »

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