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Last Update Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

I have been reading recent letters to the editor suggesting we log all of our national forests to protect ourselves from fire. These comments go against forestry science and defy common sense.

Old forests with old trees resist fire better. They are cooler, shaded, hold moisture and have survived fires for decades or longer. Read More »

Rural residential land isn't peaceful anymore
The cannabis growers continuously talk about "their" property rights being violated and how they must be defended. I live on rural residential land. What happened to my property rights? Oh, that's right: The big green bus rolled them over. And the bus has polluted the land, the water and smashed down trees. If the loggers did half of what growers are doing to the land, the loggers would be in jail by now as the environmentalists would have sent up outrage that could be heard all over the state. Where are the environmentalists now? Read More »

House leaders don't deserve to be in office
Dear leaders of the House of Representatives: Where are you and what are you thinking? How could you let this abomination of a tax bill pass? Is it really so important to please your million-dollar donors at the expense of the million ordinary voters like myself? We will see if a million dollars will keep you in office if a million voters say no. I am ashamed of your lack of integrity and leadership. Read More »

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