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Last Update Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

In order to sustain any reasonable facsimile of life as we are so privileged to live it, we must immediately and permanently change our overall priorities. Read More »

Walden in the pocket of lobbyists, corporations
Before you vote on Nov. 6, educate yourself. Ask yourself some important questions.  Read More »

Walden has lost touch with his local supporters
I was shocked at what Greg Walden doesn't understand about his district when I watched the Oct. 5 KTVZ-TV debate with Jamie McLeod-Skinner. Read More »

A caring community would not support Measure 105
In Southern Oregon, we take care of each other, right? During the fires, neighbors helped neighbors. We opened our homes to evacuees. We donated blankets and food. We brought in horse trailers to rescue animals. We volunteered at shelters. Helping each other, caring for our neighbors, is a value we all share. Read More »

Walden is working for the 1 percent, not for Oregon
Greg Walden — working for Oregon? What has Walden done for Oregon lately? Read More »

Voters pamphlet has way too much gobbledygook
Today, the voters pamphlet arrived! Now I can become acquainted with the issues for the upcoming voting day. One hundred and thirty-one pages of unintelligible gobbledygook. Seventeen rights for voters, Nine penalties for violating the voting laws. Eight "parties" to try and work out just what each one's political beliefs might be. Five measures to consider. And an infinite number of candidates willing to impale themselves on the spear of political involvement. Read More »

Endorsement of Walden did not tell the whole story
Your Oct. 14 endorsement of Greg Walden: The collective opinion of the editorial board is an endorsement of the bad old days when the clout Walden wields as chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce is supported by his huge corporate donors. Read More »

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