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Last Update Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

The front page of the Daily Courier on Feb. 3 said that the Josephine County housing crisis is only getting worse. The sad thing is, this is not news. This has been going on for years already, as the data reported on the front page made very clear.

Can we all agree that hungry, sick, unwashed people living on our streets is a major problem in our county? Read More »

DeYoung's falsehoods hurt legitimate industry
Once again, I have to give the Grants Pass Daily Courier and editor Scott Stoddard kudos for reporting unbiased local news that will directly impact my livelihood. Read More »

Weren't the 'militias' wary of national emergencies?
For at least two decades, during the administrations of both Republican and Democratic presidents, we have heard various members of various "militias" claim that they are the only ones who will be able to fight back and protect "good" Americans from a government dictatorship, a dictatorship that the "militias" claim will begin when any president declares a "national emergency." Read More »

Our children will pay for environmental ignorance
"A nation that destroys its soils, destroys itself." Franklin Roosevelt warned us in the 1930s, yet, after World War II, our corporate and national leaders, unable to find a proper disposal solution to stockpiles of deadly chemicals, decided to use them as fertilizers on our soils and foods, ultimately poisoning our streams, rivers and oceans. Over the past seven decades, we have destroyed our soils and watersheds, and we have witnessed the rapid and unending march of cancers and illnesses throughout populations around the world. Read More »

A history lesson about the effectiveness of walls
Following World War I, Hitler was elected to Make Germany Great Again. Read More »

Our civil rights are being subverted by lawmakers
Well, our socialist-leaning lawmakers are falling over themselves to create new laws to subvert the civil rights of innocent, hard-working citizens that are not a threat to anyone and have committed no crime! These laws will do nothing to increase safety nor protect anyone from any kind of harm. In fact, the laws could have unintended consequences once they go too far and try to enforce them. The repercussions of the 18th Amendment come to mind! In my opinion, we are in danger of Oregon becoming the start of a second Civil War. We are not Australia or the UK, and hopefully never will be.  Read More »

Oregon has opportunity to lead on climate change
Oregon House Bill 2020 would put a cap on greenhouse gas emissions, which is one of the man-made causes of global warming. I know there are those who scoff at climate change, but look at what we've seen in just this past year. We've had terrific fires, floods, droughts and one of the hottest summers on record. Read More »

City Council stipends are a fleecing of taxpayers
In what can only be described as bizarre with a large scoop of hubris, the 2019 City Council just foisted upon the good citizens of Grants Pass an initiative to feast themselves $1,000 per month for every one of the eight councilors plus the mayor. No, really. And get this: They did this on just four votes! So unseemly, even a caveman can see it! Truly, how can this be? Easy: two dissenting votes, another on vacation and one seat vacant. That still leaves a quorum, so, by simple majority of the remainder, you, the cash-rich citizens of Grants Pass will gift them $108,000 per year in the form of monthly stipends withdrawn from the General Fund. And just who funds the General Fund, you ask? Well, you do, of course! Silly goose. And what do you get for this "zero to six-figures-plus" pay increase? Same stuff you got last year. Only now you get to pay more for it! $108,000 more. Duh. Read More »

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