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Last Update Tuesday, August 14th, 2018
As the Klondike Fire continued to grow over the weekend, firefighters conducted a burnout Sunday on a hillside near Squaw Creek, only 2 miles west of the intersection of Redwood Highway and Illinois River Road in Selma.

After making a big move over the weekend, the Klondike and Taylor Creek fires burning west of Grants Pass were somewhat less active on Monday when inversion capped the fires.

Still, the fires have surpassed 100,000 acres and together have cost $34.4 million to fight since they began on July 15 after widespread lightning. Read More »

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Whether you're about to head out on a road trip or just want to see what the weather's like in the mountains,'s Trip Check page is for you. Check out the latest pictures from Webcams throughout our region, all on one page that we've custom designed for Southern Oregonians, using Oregon Department of Transportation cameras. Click here to see the Webcams
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Whether you're at home, in the office or Timbuktu, you can always check out what's going on around Grants Pass with the Daily Courier's five Webcams.
The mountains circling Grants Pass can feel like old friends that we see every day. But how much do you know about them? Ever wonder what those mountains are called, and why? The Daily Courier has compiled names and their origins, along with other information, for most of them within sight in an interactive project. Click here to take a look at our mountains

Editor's note: This schedule is good beginning Aug. 10

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