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Last Update Sunday, November 18th, 2018

Forty years ago Sunday, more than 900 Americans living in a commune in the South American country of Guyana committed suicide or were murdered at the behest of their leader, the Rev. Jim Jones.

In the United States, members of the Peoples Temple, the church Jones led, were as surprised and horrified as the rest of the world, says Guy Young of Grants Pass, who served as a pastor for Jones at the church for six years. Read More »

1952: Jim Jones becomes a student pastor in Somerset Southside Methodist Church in Indianapolis. Read More »

Air quality takes a turn for the worse
Air quality in Southern Oregon has deteriorated from strong high pressure aloft and from wildfire smoke emanating from the Camp Fire, 260 miles to the south. Read More »

Authorities now say missing man likely victim of foul play
Lori Algra and her husband, Nic, drove up to Grants Pass this week from Sacramento, hoping to rejuvenate a search for her father. He's been missing now for nearly a year. Read More »

Maintaining Oregon Caves will be a challenge
MEDFORD — Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve needs $17 million in improvements. But how to pay for it? Read More »

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