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Last Update Friday, September 25th, 2020

Air quality in Cave Junction was a glorious "healthy" almost all day Thursday, after a cleansing of rain the previous day.

But the lung-clearing fresh air didn't last long. Read More »

A bridge, and a marriage, built to last
WILLIAMS — For almost 30 years, a covered bridge tucked in the woods here has stood as a testament to love. Read More »

DeYoung, Smith talk taxes in rare public appearance during campaign
Taxes and talk of tearing down the Josephine County Courthouse stood out as subjects of a rare election debate Thursday between county Commissioner Dan DeYoung and the man who wants his job, Ron Smith. Read More »

District 7 says dozens of students still not registered
Two weeks into the start of the school year, it's unclear what dozens of children in Grants Pass are doing for school this year. Read More »

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