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Last Update Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

Josephine County code enforcement officials are reporting that they have identified nearly 900 illegal marijuana growing operations in the county, far fewer than previously estimated.

In a May 14 report to the county Board of Commissioners, obtained via a public records request by the Daily Courier, code enforcement supervisor Denise Montijo said there were 879 verified illegal grow sites in the county. Read More »

Local Republican lawmakers proud of their Senate counterparts
House Republicans in this corner of the state are sticking up for their Senate counterparts who walked out of the Legislature last week in protest of a bill to reduce carbon emissions in Oregon. Read More »

One year after collapse, track announcer returns to Grants Pass Downs for first time
Almost a year to the day since he collapsed in the announcer's box at Grants Pass Downs, Marty Sether made his first appearance at the horse races on Saturday. Read More »

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