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Last Update Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Oregon State Police officials say troopers will not pick up the slack if rural patrols by Josephine County sheriff's deputies cease this summer.

The agency, which traditionally is reluctant to step into local politics, issued a carefully wordered advisory after the Daily Courier requested comment. Voter rejection of the public safety levy next month would create serious shortfalls in local law enforcement services. Read More »

City unsure of next step if safety proposal fails
How will the City of Grants Pass respond if a property tax proposal to fund the Josephine County Jail and other public safety services fails in the May 16 election? Read More »

Scholarship, run will be dedicated to GP students killed in crash
Max Belnap and Ryan Merker will be remembered with a scholarship and a run dedicated to them on the Fourth of July. The two Grants Pass High School students died on July 4, 2016, in a plane crash off the coast of Brookings, along with Max's father John, the pilot. Read More »

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