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Last Update Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

An internal investigation into a claim that overzealous Josephine County Public Health employees targeted several local businesses and a church for COVID-19 violations was prompted by an anonymous complaint sent to the president of a local Republican group. Read More »

Cave Junction man arraigned on murder charge from 2017 case
A Cave Junction man was arraigned Monday in Josephine County Circuit Court, accused of killing 33-year-old Devin Wayne Remington in his camper in December 2017. Read More »

Grants Pass suspends open burn window amid dry spell
As a dry spell drags on across Southern Oregon, a request for a "cease fire" last Friday by fire officials in Josephine and Jackson counties has lessened a recent outbreak of escaped burn piles. Read More »

Council divided on whether city should help pay for longer airport runway
The idea of paying $175,000 over the next four years to help fund the Grants Pass Airport runway extension project didn't fly with some of the city councilors at Monday's City Council workshop. Read More »

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