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Last Update Sunday, May 27th, 2018

It was a Monday, just one day before a much-anticipated Oregon primary election.

It was also Frank Ducceschi's first day on the job.

On May 27, 1968, Ducceschi walked into the Daily Courier building on Seventh Street, eager to begin his new role as the newspaper's news editor. Read More »

Reader memories of RFK's '68 visit
Editor's Note: Special thanks to Joan Momsen of the Josephine County Historical Society, Wayne Morrow, Dave Moodie, the staff of the Southern Oregon Historical Society and every reader who helped add important details to today's coverage that were not reported in newspaper accounts at the time. Here are a selection of the submissions we received from readers: Read More »

Remembering the fallen: GPHS grad a casualty of storied World War I battle
On May 30, 1918, Josephine County residents observed the 50th Memorial Day — known at the time as Decoration Day, because the tradition was to place flowers on the graves of those lost in war. Read More »

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