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Last Update Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

A religious group that condemned gay and transgender individuals with a sign in last year's Boatnik parade has been barred from this year's parade, which is Saturday.

Even so, members of another group associated with the street preachers active of late in downtown Grants Pass plan to have a visual and vocal impact at the popular Memorial Day weekend festival. Read More »

Hemp farm near Kerby will include a gravel mine, too
KERBY — It's hard to miss 300 acres of grassy flatland being plowed up by heavy equipment, but it will be even harder to miss it when it's filled with hemp — on both sides of the road. Read More »

Mercy Flights prevails over county in lawsuit over ambulances
U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken has agreed that Mercy Flights has a right to use its own ambulances to transport critical care patients to the company's aircraft so they can be flown for medical care to other medical facilties. Read More »

Nature Center to open
Susan Taylor, the manager of the Rusk Ranch Nature Center, lifts a monarch butterfly that she coaxed onto her finger Wednesday.  Read More »

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