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Last Update Sunday, November 29th, 2020

A view of Caveman Bridge is undoubtedly a trademark image of Grants Pass. City planners are hoping the City Council is on board with ways to protect and enhance that view. Read More »

On Black Friday, local merchants do their best to weather COVID-19 storm
Online shopping has become a major threat for local businesses, especially in the age of COVID-19. Read More »

Hemp season an improvement over tumultuous 2019
By most accounts, the 2020 hemp season in Southwest Oregon was a marked improvement over 2019, when rain and mold laid waste to many crops and oversupply ruined other growers. Read More »

Officers seize and destroy 500 lbs. of local pot
A traffic stop near Lakeview earlier this month led to a pot bust in Josephine County, where officers found and destroyed an eye-popping 500 pounds of marijuana, according to court records. Read More »

Councilor-elect raising money to aid campers at Riverside Park
Brian DeLaGrange awoke on Thanksgiving morning thinking about all that he is thankful for. Read More »

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