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Feb. 14thWhat is your opinion about the city of Grants Pass selling a 4-acre riverfront parcel where the Lathrop Boat Landing is sited to Travis Boersma?view results
Feb. 11thDo you support or oppose Senate Bill 1538, which would allow local governments and school districts in Oregon to ban concealed weapons on their premises?view results
Feb. 7thIn general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time?view results
Feb. 4thDo you think Oregon Democrats will be able to pass Senate Bill 1530, the controversial cap-and-trade legislation, during this legislative session?view results
Jan. 31stShould Caveman Pool be repaired or replaced?view results
Jan. 28thWhat is your opinion about the latest cap-and-trade proposal that would tighten regulations on greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon?view results
Jan. 24thShould those who are overseeing the Trump impeachment trial allow witnesses with firsthand knowledge of the charges to testify?view results