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Feb. 15thDo you support or oppose Josephine County's decision to boost pay for sheriff's deputies in hopes of attracting and retaining law enforcement job candidates?view results
Feb. 12thDo you support or oppose a proposal that would eliminate nonmedical exemptions for unvaccinated school children in Oregon?view results
Feb. 7thDo you approve or disapprove of a bill that would limit how much Oregon landlords could increase rents and eliminate no-cause evictions of long-term tenants?view results
Feb. 5thDo you approve or disapprove of the county's decision to allow graffiti artists to use the remains of Ament Dam as a canvas?view results
Feb. 1stIn your opinion, should the Grants Pass Gospel Rescue Mission allow women to serve on its board of directors?view results
Jan. 29thWould you vote for or against the creation of a taxing district to permanently fund a fire department in the city of Grants Pass?view results
Jan. 24thDo you think the investigation into dealings between associates of Donald Trump and Russia is justified, or is the investigation politically motivated?view results